Buying My First Ottawa Home for Less Money

We don’t just give our clients a ‘list of homes to review’. We take the time to discover all of the important features of our Buyer’s dream home. 7 steps! From saving you money with First Time buyer incentives to searching for that dream home, and negotiating the lowest price possible – we do it all!

We know that the average Buyer spends up to 4 hours per day searching online only to be disappointed when they arrive at the house. Stop doing your Ottawa Real Estate Agents job. We do the searching for you!We only show you the homes that meet or exceed your criteria. Don’t think you need to be “100% ready” before you call us. We will consult with you from the very beginning to save you time, money and frustration in the home buying process.

More home for less money - How can we do this?

We view homes regularly and have the expertise to see potential value in a home OR potential problems. It is our responsibility to ensure you get great value for your investment through our knowledge of the market and negotiating skills!

We want you to keep your money in your pocket and the best way for us to do this is to find your dream home for the least amount of money overall. Your home represents your personal tastes and provides security for both you and your loved ones. It also allows you to grow wealth by appreciating in value and building equity for investment in future properties. And it doesn’t stop here…our Clients are Clients for life. We stay involved even after you pickup your keys.

Serious about buying a home? Do your research!
Not all Sales Representatives offer the same level of service.