Selling My Ottawa Home Faster and for Top Dollar

Our 9 Steps to Selling ensures all our listings look their absolute best. We don’t just give our clients a ‘list of things to do’ then put a sign on the lawn...we get involved.

Today, sellers don’t have the time or access to contractors, handymen, or stagers. We have a team of professionals working hard on your home to  make it picture perfect.

Don’t think your home has to be “ready” before you call us. We will save  you time, money and frustration by helping you from the very beginning of  the home preparation process.

How can we do this?

We invest our money in your home to get it ready for the market. We make sure your home presents well on line and for showings. Our Real Estate business is built on referrals, so, we don’t spend money on personal advertising, billboards or shrink wrapped cars. We spend it on you!

We know what a home needs to sell. We make that happen!

We know the average home buyer spends about 4 hours per day searching the internet for their dream home. The pictures and information presented online will attract a buyer and determine whether or not they  want to view a home. We only have one chance to make a great  impression and our 9 Steps to Selling will ensure we do. We want you to  keep your money in your pocket and the best way for us to do this is to  sell your home in the shortest time frame and for the most amount of  money.

Serious about selling your home? Do your research!
Not all Sales Representatives offer the same level of service.