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I would recommend the Smart Move Team because: Being out of town sellers, my wife and I relied heavily on Traci and Kathy for help with everything from lining up painters, to professional cleaning of the condo to staging. The Smart Move Team was critical in prepping the property for sale. They managed all aspects of the listing, the showings, the offers and the ultimate sale with ease, professionalism and efficiency. The entire process went better than expected, but if we had to pick one element of the experience that really stood out, it would have to be Smart Move Team’s ability and willingness to line up the required pros to accommodate the necessary work to ensure that the property was ready to list in the best possible condition. The end result was that we received multiple offers and a final sale price that was well above asking. The best part: it all came together within 7-days of listing.

Mike Spies (July 2021)

The Smart Move team is very prompt, and knowledgable while being able to create an informed and seamless experience. From market advice to legal contacts. After preparing the property, we made contact with the team and we met at the property the next day. All while in keeping with all Covid precausions. Once in their hands it became an easy, and pleasurable experience. Which aspects of our services were of most help?: All aspects of the sale of our property were easily clarified by the Smart Move team. Electronic documents, Profesional photogrphy, staging, and always updated information on the listing and sale.

- Joel Saikaley (May 2021)

I would recommend theThis Team (Traci & Kathy) was amazing to work with. So friendly and caring throughout the entire process. They were extremely attentive to detail, and did an amazing job from doing the inspection all the way to staging the property for sale. Extremely pleased with their service. Would recommend this Team to everyone I know that needs to buy/sell a home! Beyond satisfied and grateful for their personalized service. Which aspects of our services were of most help?: Attention to detail and very personalized experience. It made my complicated (Estate) process very manageable and pleasant from start to finish. These ladies are extremely knowledgeable, pleasant and professional in their work.

- Nicole Meagher (May 2021)

I would recommend the Smart Move Team because they are amazing. They really know their stuff and are bang on about the market. Not only to they tell you candidly what needs to be done for staging, they will stage your house and provide some things to help with the staging. They are with you every step of the way and go above and beyond what it needed. I would definitely use Kathy and Traci again and would highly recommend them to anyone else. Not only are they wonderful realtors, they are also wonderful people. They are personable and caring and really take the time and have an interest in their clients. 

- Sherra Profit (November 2020)

I would recommend the Smart Move Team because they are so knowledgeable, helpful, engaged and efficient. They provided services above and beyond other real estate agencies. They helped with room to room guidance to prepare for selling the house. Staging the house was above and beyond and I think helped immensely with the sale of the house. 

- Heather Sartori (November 2020)

I would recommend the Smart Move Team because they are smart and know their stuff. They know the right questions to ask, and know the right people. They were friendly, and always made me feel like I mattered even when I thought they must be tired of my questions and showing requests. They made time and more importantly, made me feel like I was their only client. The customer service was top notch as was their support and encouragement. They neer pushed me, they always listened and encouraged me, even when I thought I’d never find a home. The soft touch was greatly appreciated and made it such a lovely experience. Honestly I would not be moving into my home without the two of you, so thank you.

Cate Labelle (September 2020)

I would recommend the Smart Move Team because they are very knowledgeable, efficient and trustworthy agents. Which aspects of our services were of most help selling my condo. An excellent team that works well together.

Colleen Scully (September 2020)


I would recommend the Smart Move Team because they were friendly, patient, knowledgeable, helpful and professional. Despite Covid, this whole experience, from start to finish, was a very safe and smooth process. The ladies staged my home to make it look very bright, Traci and Kathy are an excellent team. They kept me informed throughout the sale and I was most pleased with the out Thank you so much, Traci and Kathy!!!

Margaret Lamont (August 2020)

I was Soooooooo pleased with how Traci and Kathy went about with the sale. They made me feel at ease, were there to answer all my questions and got a better than expected price for me.

I will recommend Traci and Kathy to everyone I meet.  Many of the aspects of their services were so helpful including the staging, being only a phone call away at all times, and the quick sale.

How could we improve our service?: Nothing that I can think of. They are a great team.

Priscilla (December 2019)

I would recommend the Smart Move Team because:: “From the first meeting they made me feel comfortable. For a senior, selling their home of many years and downsizing is overwhelming and they were always available to help. They carried boxes to storage, moved items to the garage, they had all the contacts from painter to handyman to rug cleaning and made all the arrangements but always ensured that I didn’t feel rushed. They kept me fully informed of what I needed to do and if I was on track.”

Which aspects of our services were of most help?: “I can’t really say which aspect was most helpful as all of it was. The thought of selling and moving was daunting and you made it so much easier. I couldn’t carry the boxes to storage room, I didn’t have a clue who to contact to paint, do the handiwork, etc. I didn’t’ know what needed to be done and they did.”

How could we improve our service?: “ I can’t think how you could improve your services. You did more to help me than I've ever heard other real estate agents doing. It made the process so much easier and was greatly appreciated. I would use Traci and Kathy again without hesitation and recommend them to anyone needing their services.

Janice H (December 2019)

“The entire process was a total of 8 days from our first meeting to the sale of home. They proved to be extremely knowledgeable in their work and truly cared about the outcome for their clients!

Which aspects of our services were of most help?: “Strategic plan (i.e., multiple offer) and knowledge of the area.”

How could we improve our service?: “Ihonestly cannot think of anything! We are so happy to have gone with you. You made this process quick and easy and we will be recommending you to all of our friends when they are selling their home.”

Kristen A (December 2019)

“I would recommend the Smart Move Team because Kathy and Traci handled absolutely every detail, home pictures and the posting looked great, sold the place for higher than I was expecting. Went the extra mile when I couldn't physically be in town.”

Which aspects of our services were of most help?: “Keeping me well advised of every step of the process / timely communication.  I can’t think of anything at all that they could do to improve their service. They exceeded my expectations by far.  Will definitely recommend your team to my connections in Ottawa .”

Rick P (December 2019)

“I would recommend the Smart Move Team because they made us feel at ease. My boyfriend & I were first time home buyers and came into the buyers’ market fairly uneducated. Kathy & Traci took the time to walk us through the entire process and answer any questions we had. They were nice, patient and truly made us feel that we would find our dream home. We were so lucky to have purchased the first house we saw and they supported us every step of the way. We also really appreciated them taking the time to check in on us after everything was done.”

“Kathy & Traci were so knowledgeable and guided us to make the right decision. They were always available by call, text or email. From the moment we had our first meeting we knew that we had 100% confidence in them and we feel so grateful so have had such an enjoyable experience buying our first home.”

How could we improve our service?: “Not applicable because you ladies were awesome!  We would 100% recommend their services to any of our friends or family.”

Erin Y (December 2019)

“Traci and Kathy were fantastic. They looked after every aspect of the sale of our home and then some. I really appreciated the way they started by explaining the entire process, taking care of all the details, keeping me informed of how the process was progressing, their explanation of the numerous bids, the sale closing and their follow-up after the sale was complete.”

Which aspects of our services were of most help?: “They took the lead in offering much of our surplus furniture for sale, managing the entire process and dealing with the potential buyers. This saved me a great deal of time and concern at a point in time when I needed to care for my wife as we adjusted to our new home in a retirement lodge.”

How could we improve our service?: “I can not think of anything they could have done better.
Thank you again for your wonderful service and have a happy and healthy Christmas and New Year with your families.”

Glenn M (December 2019)

"They are very helpful and kind. They work hard, tirelessly and are always available. Are also great stagers and are such a Smart Team."

Which aspects of our services were of most help?: "Staging and setting the house up to sell. They worked very hard at setting the house up. Provided all of the required pictures, furniture, etc. Even the husbands got involved and helped out."

"We are very grateful to have teamed up with Kathy and Traci for both the sale of our home and purchase of our new home. Don't know what we would have done without them. THANK YOU!!"

Jean-Marc P (June 2019)

"They are punctual, professional, and hard working. They know the real estate market really well and their recommendations were reliable. They also kept us in the loop regularly regarding the sale of our property. They were readily available when we had questions and we received constant updates form them. Thank you for all your hard work."

Abbas F (May 2019)

"I would recommend the Smart Move Team because they are dedicated, hardworking and can trouble shoot any difficulties that stand in the way of selling your house as they are well connected with services that can address any issues that problems that need to be solved prior to selling.. They are well professional, diplomatic and very kind. I would recommend them to my family and friends. Kathy and Traci were able to help link us to useful services to get our house ready for sale. They were able to gently push us towards getting our house sold. They were always available to consult with and worked tirelessly.They were wonderful to work with."

Lynda R (May 2019)

"I had 100% confidence in the professional expertise the Smart Move Team demonstrated throughout all aspects of my home buying experience. This was the foundation of a stress free home search and purchase."

Which aspects of our services were of most help?: "Timely actions and communications coordinating with all parties were vital in the purchase process - booking viewings, preparing documents and providing timely feedback. The Team's administrative follow ups continue at the same high degree of knowledge and professionalism."

"I felt the Smart Move Team were true partners in my home purchase while we worked in a relaxed easy and successful relationship!"

William B (January 2019)